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Consolidated Biofuels produces Biodiesel from a variety of feed stocks that exceed the fuel requirements of ASTM D6751.
We are located in Western Canada and our plant is able to serve the needs of the BC market.

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Consolidated Biofuels announces the startup of their new facility in Delta, BC, Canada.
The plant is designed to handle second generation feed stocks like rendered beef tallow and restaurant grease. Dan Treleaven, President says customers prefer the use of feed stocks that are farther down the food chain. These products are not for human consumption.

The startup will ramp up to its design capacity of 10,000 tones / year.
(3,000,000 Gals / 11,000,000 litres) in March 2009 with plans for a phase 2 expansion to 17,000 tones / year (5,000,000 Gals / 19,000,000 litres) as business conditions permit.